A nostalgic read about the former
Artisan Distilling Workshop!

The Artisan Distilling Workshop was conducted in cooperation with Carl GmbH and Brewing & Distillling Corp. This workshop was held for nearly twenty years and was held multiple times annually.

The two-day workshop was for individuals either active in the distilled spirits industry or contemplating entry into it. Many of the participants went on to establish craft distilleries. In Michigan, the sudden rise of new distilleries was greatly impacted by the resources and excitement generated by this program.

Topics included in the workshop included:

  • Historical perspective of the development of modern distilling technology
  • Fundamentals of operation of pot and column stills
  • Economics of artisan distilling
  • Important regulatory considerations
  • Regulatory Issues Related to Distilled Spirits Plants
  • Practical demonstrations of commercial stills

And always, participants shared experiences and dreams of running their own distilleries!