Artisan Distilling Workshop

The Artisan Distilling Workshop is conducted in cooperation with Carl GmbH and and Brewing & Distillling Corp. This workshop is over fifteen years old and is held multiple times annually.

The two-day workshop is for individuals either active in the distilled spirits industry or contemplating entry into it. The workshop targets practical information and a hands-on approach. The instructors have many decades of experience to share with participants.

Topics included in the workshop include:

  • Historical perspective of the development of modern distilling technology
  • Fundamentals of operation of pot and column stills
  • Economics of artisan distilling
  • Important regulatory considerations
  • Practical demonstrations of commercial stills

Groups are usually limited to about 15 attendees, to guarantee a high quality learning experience with more personal interaction with instructors and hand-on learning with the equipment. It is it recommended to enroll early, if possible. To apply for the workshop or obtain more information, please email Kris Berglund at the address below. He will answer questions and can send you specifics about the workshop and enrollment information.

email:dianne@workingbugs.com for details, or deb@workingbugs to enroll